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My name is Brandon Harding and I was born in a small town called Bromsgrove in the United Kingdom.

I started my fitness journey just before i turned 16 years old, in my last year of high school. I have now been training for almost 5 years and i truly believe that it’s the best decision i have ever made. The gym has changed my life, not just in a physical way, but my mentality has also been completely redeveloped! I have become more open minded about life and everything it has to offer. Achieving my goals in the gym has conditioned my mind into knowing, that if I have a goal and i do whatever it takes to achieve it, I will achieve it. I now know that if I translate that same mentality into every day life, anything is possible!

My goal in life is not just to find happiness for myself, I feel as though it has become so much more than that. Along my life so far, I feel that i have collected pieces of a message, and i’m going to do whatever it takes to express that message to as many people on this planet as possible. The message of never giving up and fighting for something bigger than us. Fighting for people who can’t fight for themselves, selflessness and understanding that what we are going through at this very moment in time, is merely a single building block that will turn is into the people we will become one day.

I have now committed my life to being a health and fitness resource, doing my best to inspire, motivate and entertain people across the globe.

About Brandon Harding

I have committed my life to being a health and fitness resource.